My Book


Cheryl Crow had a hit song in the 90’s, with a chorus that repeated “All I wanna do, is have some fun! I gotta feeling, I’m not the only one…”
(“All I Wanna Do” – Cheryl Crow – from her album “Tuesday Night Music Club”) 

Not only was the song catchy, it pretty much sums up how I got here.  37 and sober. A divorced wedding planner, with a successful entertainment agency, and a checkered past.

Yep! That’s me♥

I wouldn’t trade it for the world, because it made me the person I am today. But sister, let me tell you, it’s been a bumpy ride.  Almost as bumpy as riding on the rooftop of my friend Danica’s Grand Am, while holding on with one hand, and slamming a beer with the other.

Ha! I know right?!  I can hardly even relate with that girl anymore, but she is still a part of me, so pull up a chair. This is the story of how I went from drunk, depressed, and rambunctious, to living the life of my dreams and building a career in the event industry that services over 200 weddings a year.  I’ll be sharing hilarities, and heartaches, while sprinkling in tips, tricks and insights to cultivating a brand that is respected and praised♥

This is the tale of how the “Party Girl” became the “Party Guru”