Wedding Sushi

Wedding Sushi is a web show, where we take fresh ideas, tips & tricks on planning, and roll them up into bite size episodes! The goal of this series is to educate newly engaged couples, on details they don’t even know they don’t know 😂 No worries, We got you!

WEDDING SUSHI – S1E10 “Wedding Venue Do’s & Don’ts”
GUEST: Ruth Choate – Owner of Stone House of St. Charles
In today’s episode of Wedding Sushi, Ruth shares the story of how she went from running multiple radio stations, to servicing over 250 weddings a year! By taking a risk, and buying a rundown 200-year-old mansion, Ruth has created one of the most popular wedding venues in the St. Louis area. She also shares some prime questions that couples need to be asking their venues!

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WEDDING SUSHI – S1E9 – “Wedding Day Videography” Today’s Guest: Lance Begnaud – Owner of True Video On today’s episode, Lance and Dori discuss what couples should be thinking about when considering their wedding day must-haves…. Is videography on that list? Often times, video is a last minute decisions, when it should actually be considered as important as photography. Watch this episode of Wedding Sushi to hear more about Lance, and his approach to wedding day video….

WEDDING SUSHI – S1E8 – “Planning Your Wedding Budget” GUEST: Ashlee Erlinger, Owner & Founder of Signed, Sealed, Delivered Events Your Wedding Day Budget needs to be the absolute FIRST thing you think about, when planning your wedding. The total amount of money you have to spend, will be important to know when deciding how and where you are going to allocate those funds. Ashlee shares tips on where you can save money, and price ranges you can be expecting to see…

S1E7 – “The New ‘I-Do’ in Floral Design” GUEST: Kim Brannan, owner of Stems Florist in St. Louis, MO On this episode of Wedding Sushi, Kim shares some of the upcoming trends to be expected in floral design for 2022 & 2023. Her daughter, Jennifer Thomasson, one of our nation’s top trend setters in floristry, recently released a book that showcases some of the most cutting edge concepts and displays the floral world has ever seen.

S1E6 – “Making Your Wedding YOU-nique to you!” GUEST: Julie Swaney – Owner of LimeLight Events On today’s episode, Julie tells us about her TOP 6 WAYS to incorporate your own personality and tastes into your wedding day experience. Have you thought about writing a song to have played? Or using one of your shared hobbies as a theme for your décor? Watch and enjoy Julie’s helpful insight and ideas♥

S1E5 – “Considering Booking Wedding Transportation?” If you are thinking about booking a party bus, or other wedding day transportation, you need to watch this video. Brian and Dori discuss the questions you need to be asking, and the aspects you should be considering.

S1E4 – “How To Choose The Perfect Venue” GUEST: Rachel McCalla – Event Manager at The Factory When it comes to wedding planning, choosing the right venue is the cornerstone for all other details. It dictates the overall style of the wedding, and determines the date, time, and flow of the event itself. Today we have Rachel McCalla in the studio, and she’s dishing out the TOP 5 MUST KNOW aspects of choosing the perfect venue.

S1E3 – “Calligraphy Engraving by Susan Houseman Designs” What is Calligraphy Engraving? Susan Houseman tells about this new trend in wedding keepsakes, and personalized gifts! See some of the popular options you could incorporate into your wedding day! Check out

S1E2 – Lighting Decor 101 In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing the 2 most popular options of lighting decor offered in the wedding industry. I’ll be addressing some FAQ such as… •What is an uplight? •What is a gobo? •How do you use lighting?

S1E1 – “Cocktail & Dinner Music For Weddings” – Today we look at some frequently asked questions about music for cocktail hour & dinner. Q: How many songs per playlist? Q: What type of genre should I choose? Q: Are there styles I should avoid? Q: How can I create a unique playlist?